Thursday, July 06, 2006


1st Project - A Drumming Experience

Here's a group that we are very excited about - 1st Project. Let me tell you - these guys can get the blood pumping!

1st Project is an industrial percussion act that has a
pulse of pure primal energy that is uniquely South African! Combining elements of rock, traditional African rhythms, house and Latin, they have created a style of music that'll blow your mind!

And they have already done that to many celeb's and important people; Nelson Mandela, President Thabo Mbeki, Charlise Theron and even Jerry Springer - though I think his mind was blown long before he saw them! And this is not to mention all the big name stars that they have collaborated with;
Ja Rule, Seether, Johnny Clegg, Miriam Makeba, TK, Malaika and others.

This is a live performance to give you an idea of the power, the potential and the energy of their show! But that's why I am posting this - proudly South African energy!

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