Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Jerusha reveals!

I don’t know why more artists don’t make a stand against HIV/Aids, and spread the word about how, as former President Nelson Mandela states, we are facing the biggest Human Rights issue ever.

Jerusha, one of Cape Town’s pop sensations, who also happens to be a Medical Doctor, is one artist who has made a stand.

Jerusha first hit the South African airwaves with her debut album Got to have it, from which she had three chart-topping tracks (including two number 1 hits) in 2002. Are u the One, her first big hit, was produced within six months of her arriving to cut a demo with Craig at Mama Dance in Cape Town, just when she was in the final year of medical school.

As she grew in fame, she was also working for community and country, and even spent three months as a military doctor in war-torn Liberia as part of the United Nations humanitarian effort.

She was one of two South African Acts chosen by MTV for the road show to promote the prestigious Nelson Mandela “46664” Concert in 2004 to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, a world health issue that is close to her heart.

In late 2005, backed by her world-class band, Jerusha performed in London in the SA Solidarity Festival in benefit of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. In May 2006, supported by her band and backing vocalists from the Oxford gospel choir, Jerusha was one of the headline acts at the World Fair Trade Fashion Show held in Oxford; hosted by the Ethical Fashion Forum and UNICEF.

She is currently based in Oxford United Kingdom, working with some top producers, where she is focusing on her sound and looking forward to releasing further chart-topping hits!

As I said earlier – she has made a stand against HIV/Aids. Jerusha was chosen by Love Life in 2005 (South Africa’s largest HIV/AIDS Awareness Organisation) as a role-model for South Africa’s youth and featured as an icon in the “Get Attitude” campaign, which I feature here.

We should all make more noise, get on our soap-box’s and shout out to all who can hear – HIV/Aids is our problem, let’s do something about it!

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