Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Arno Carstens - a Peak Rocker!

Rock n' Roll South Africa. When most of us think of South African Rock, Arno Carstens is one of the first artists to jump to mind.

He's the coolest; he's made his mark in the industry with the Springbok Nude girls, and as s solo artist, with 10 albums, achieving platinum 4 times in CD sales, 9 number 1 hots singles and 4 SAMA's, the highlight being the Another Universe CD released in 2003 and for which he won the Best Rock Album in 2004 and continues to set the pace for other artists to follow.

So we're always excited when we get to book Arno out for gigs - we know from experience the client is going to have an awesome time - at one of our gigs in Durban, Arno and Albert Frost sat outside drinking cocktails with the client until 3 o'clock in the morning after the gig - and was she chuffed when she called the next day!

We've got Arno & Albert performing at Buff's Club on 06 October, and then Arno will be appearing for us at Sun City on 16 November at a dinner for 500 lucky people.

But that's the cool thing about an artist like Arno - whether you needing him to rock the roof off with his full band; with guitarist Albert (Blues Broers & Frosted Orange), the legendary Brendan Jury (Urban Creep & Transky) on strings and keyboard, Kevin Leicher (Plum) on guitar, Jerome Reynard (OHM & Nine) on drums and Warren Leicher (Plum) on bass guitar; or for an intimate unplugged concert with just Arno and Albert serenading you - its just world class!

I found this video of Arno, and thought that though this isn't such a great quality one, I would stick it on to celebrate! Peak's Rockin!

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Not only is he hot but he can sing to!Bonus.HeHe.Boo Bee
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