Monday, October 30, 2006


Seether - its lekker innie Kaap

This afternoon my long time friend and colleague Stormin’ Norman/Puddles the Clown/ Mr Action stopped by as he was in town, so to speak. Living out in Scarborough, just before Cape Point, one technically is a bit of a country-bumpkin – but some of us have to suffer in paradise! We can’t just leave it all to the Brits and Germans! (pictured right - like the guy invading MY spot! He's got the whole bloody beach, and he has to stand right next to me!)

Ahem... Norman will be fire-blowing for us tomorrow evening, at sunset, on the beach at Maidens Cove, as a feature for the World President’s Organisation who will be dining there. The WPO is a very exclusive group of people who turn over huge amounts of money and are then invited to meet in interesting places around the world as part of this group. Shame.

We are just hoping that the weather holds out, and that Windguru is right! I have referred to this site many times and found it to be pretty spot-on when I haven’t needed it – so tomorrow will be a test!

Lenny and I have got the Orient Community Cape Minstrels meeting and greeting our guests, and leading them down to the sea front where they’ll be able to take part in a small West Coast fishing scene we have created.

We’ve got loads of bokkems and fresh snoek, some mama’s fixing the nets, and some strapping young fishermen bringing the catch of the day ashore and other characters supplied by this community group. (pictured left - even Jas & his buddy Stan tried to audition...)

Then my good friend, Abie and the Starlight Rhythms will set the evening alight with his Cape style tunes on his trumpet, and during his breaks we’ve got a guitarist and banjo player, and a penny-whistler to fill in the atmosphere – Djij! Ek smaaket innie Kaap!

So in honour of the fresh snoek that’ll be part of our set tomorrow, I thought I would post a little classic. Nirvana had absolutely nothing to do with South Africa, except that their music inspired one local band to go out there to make a name for themselves, and Seether have gone and done just that, selling over 2 million albums!

Here’s a live acoustic version of Nirvana’s “Something in the way” by Shaun Morgan of Seether – because “it’s ok to eat fish, because they don’t have any feelings”… Bokkom anyone?

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