Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Do it again, Larry!

I have to include part-two of Larry Soffer's performance here at the Peak offices last week Wednesday.

Having watched it a couple of time's, I think it's such a great little advert for Larry's abilities. I was also amazed at how shocked 'into silence' both Bronwin & Nicole were! I had to ask for a reaction - and that has never happened before... truely shocking!

There were no tricks. Nothing at all was planned, and it was Larry's first meeting with the girls. He was really spot on every single time he tested himself against the busy minds of Peak.

What is really cool about Larry's show, is that although he gave us a close up private viewing, his stage shows in front of live audiences make him all the more effective - there is alot more that can be done!

" I witnessed the next Doug Henning or David Copperfield, I knew immediately I had to get him to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. I wanted the members of this famous Mecca of Magic to witness what I had."

Stan Gerson
"Master of Magic"

Not a bad quote to be able to bandy around... so here's Larry again.

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