Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Remix Peter Gabriel for Real!

Fancy yourself to be a DJ – a real DJ? How about remixing some tracks by Angelique Kidjo, or Peter Gabriel? Do you want the big man himself to hear your creation? Well, Real World Studios is letting you do just that!

All you have to do is register at their site, choose a remix kit of one of the artists listed to download, get advice about which software to use, and gooi-malloy! Very, very cool.

The first artist featured on the site is Angelique Kidjo, & her track Salala featuring Peter Gabriel. They explain about the track on the site:

"The key was to build DJIN DJIN on a Beninese foundation. The heartbeat, then, comes from percussionists Crespin Kpitiki and Benoit Avihoue, both members of Benin's Gangb'e Brass Band. Details of their country's rhythmic heritage, specific in some cases to individual villages, feed the rhythms they lay down throughout the album.

The contributions of stellar guest artists illuminate Kidjo's concept. By finding a place for their distinctive talents within the marriage of African and Western influences, DJIN DJIN celebrates the beauty of diversity as well as the unity of cultures that Kidjo achieves through her music."
And how about this – to all you oldies out there – Peter Gabriel’s Shock The Monkey!

Wouldn’t you like Peter to hear your version of this classic?

"Peter Gabriel's Shock the Monkey is probably one of the most recognized tracks from his fourth solo album recorded between spring 1981 and summer 1982. This was one of the first tracks to use sampling technology utilizing the ground breaking Fairlight CMI and and other classic machines such as the Linn Drum and the Prophet 5 synth. You can hear these sounds throughout the sample pack. "

"...people saw that as a sort of animal rights song, but it wasn't actually it was a song about jealousy."

This is really a way of embracing the power of the internet as a musician. People are always going to find ways of downloading tracks illegally, and so instead of just jumping up and down in frustration, Peter Gabriel is embracing his fans, and including their thoughts in tracks recorded at Real World. Awesome.

So get over there, download some music, play around with it, and give it back – sounds like a lot of fun - after all there has been a warning about cold weather coming this weekend!

Here is a video of Peter Gabriel and Youssou N'Dour performing 'Biko', in memory of a great man.

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