Monday, April 30, 2007


Breakfast with Corne & Twakkie

I received a reminder message this morning, from the comedy duo of T*M*A*S (The Most Amazing Show), the most magnificent Corne & and most lovely Twakkie, who have a show starting now at the beginning of May.

Lenny & I have bumped into Twakkie twice in the last few weeks; the first time when he was trying to get in the backstage entrance at the Springbok Nude Girls Peace Breaker launch at the Tafelberg Tavern (we eventually got him VIP tickets so he wouldn’t cause a scene!); and then last week when we were in a meeting with our design team at iaminawe shouting something about breakfast (it was lunch-time by then) and so we told him to just mail us!

"Like your lady bringing you breakfast in bed on the morning of which you of forgotten her birthday, here we are - Me, Corne, and my little friend Twaks, as a gentle reminder.

Our show, which is called 'Breakfast Bonanza' is on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Kalk Bay Theatre. The time which it will be is 1030 am, every Saturday and Sunday from May 05 till June 24th. Pre-booked tickets cost R65, and are combined with, included kind of a thing... the loveliest free coffee...Could you believe it?"

You can telephone the Kalk Bay Theatre on 073 220 5430 to book yourself a place for the greatest show in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Breakfast is NOT included.

So here is a little piece that iaminawe put together for T*M*A*S Very Late Show, when they hosted the Smirnoff International Comedy Awards… it’s the very late show, so you can get to the Kalk Bay Theatre nice and hungry for breakfast!

Have a great day folks!

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