Thursday, April 05, 2007


I am Pops Mohamed

Pops Mohamed, an artist who has appeared and collaborated with some of the most interesting artists in the world, was in Cape Town on Tuesday and I managed to catch up with him for a quick chat.

He wanted to send out a message to all young musicians in South Africa, and across this vast and beautiful continent, about how important it is to know where you come from, to be able to know where you are going.

Having recorded with traditional artists such as the San of the Kalahari, cultural ambassadors such as Amampondo, Dizu Plaatjies, and even being backed by the London Sound Collective, or funky DJ's like Rudeboy Paul, Revolution, Blackcoffee, as on his new release The Fucha Rist.

Pops is an artist who embraces traditional sounds and makes them funky by modernizing them with electronica; such as appearing with the 109-year old !Gube Tee Tee and his family, and combining this most ancient trance dance with jazz and DJ’s for events around the world.

This is music from Africa, for the world.

Hope you have a good, and safe, Easter weekend!

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Hi I´m a delta blues guitarist from Mallorca, Spain. I visited your blog today and guess maybe you'd like my music. You can download my record "Special rider blues" at my blog

See you!
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