Monday, February 26, 2007


Canadian Julie Lavergne's acrobatics

We have a shorter week than normal in the office, as Lenny's father has arrived for a short holiday, and we are off to enjoy some tranquility at the Beach Camp, Cape Collumbine Nature Reserve, just up the West Coast.

I have been preparing lots of new video's that I will be presnting over the coming weeks, as our artists have really been getting their stuff together. There is lots of exciting material arrving at the Peak office, and I am so pleased to see my CD collection increasing so nicely.

One of the artists that always amazes me with her beautiful performances, is Canadian Julie Lavergne. She sent through her new video's for the Aerial Cube Trio, her solo Aerial Silk show, and another version of the Cyr or Wheel performance.

So here is a promotional demo to see clearer, that's without all the lights and atmosphere of an event, what amazing strength she has, and yet how sensual that power can be.

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