Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Patrick Duff in Gug's

Being a Proudly South African company, we spend a lot of time focusing on that which we know, and of course enjoy. Sitting in the office this morning with Nicole, who started with us today, I had to explain that 95% of the music she will hear in the office will be from the artists we promote.

I couldn't exactly sit here bopping away to the Back Streets Boys or Britney Spears, when I feel that our artists are so much more exciting. We market music that lasts longer than the fly-by-night groups that become a sudden rage, only to be forgotten within weeks, when some other similar group make the next popular hit.

But as a result of this, I am not always aware of who people are when I meet them - and even more exciting is that I often get to interview artists, and only discover during this, what impact they have made in the world of music.

Patrick Duff was one such artist. As the ex-frontman to Strangelove during the eighties and early nineties, the group had a very successful run and built up a huge following around the world. When I interviewed him I had no idea... I just thought he was cool for coming and collaborating with Madosini, and that we seemed to connect easily when talking about the music.

So the interview that follows tells it like it is. Patrick explains his life patiently and in interesting detail, and its his take on how World Music has changed his life that I found the most interesting.

Although this movie is 20MB (beware if you have a slow connection), I think it is worth the download time, as it has interesting insight into the artist and his world.

The interview was filmed in Gugulethu, a township just outside Cape Town, in July 2003.

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