Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Arno's Peace Breaker shout-out!

I had my meeting with Arno today. He had just finished shaving when I arrived – to look good for you lot, I am sure. He's 'not a morning person', he grinned slyly at me, but I got him to give you a shout-out anyway; about Friday nights Cape Town launch of Peace Breaker, remember? The Springbok Nude Girls new release, that's happening at the Tafelberg Tavern (doors open 20h00).

Ahhh Cape Town, we are in for a party! So to whet your appetite; to start you thinking about where you’re going to park; what you’re going to wear; and mostly, how many buddies are going to be able to squeeze in the car with you – I’ll let Arno say his (slightly NSFW) thing.


Hi Guys!

Awesome video! Great to see what you're up to these days.. Hope you're all well..


awesome rouvanne! excited for tomorrow night! its going to be a great success! well done boet!
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