Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Stormin' Norman - Hot stuff!

One of my longest performing friends from the last 15 years, is Norman Pudney; clown, juggler, fire-artiste, physical entertainer and artistic director.

I met Norman at Club Mykonos near Saldana, where we were both going to be appearing at the New Year's Eve celebration that they held every year.

It was Norman's passion as an artist that planted the seed for me to start an agency, which we did after we had run his old entertainment agency, Pudds Promotions. We have come a long way since then.

But as old artists never die, they just become more experienced, so Norman has gone from strength to strength as an artist in the South African market. He has very good crowd control, is professional in his approach to every gig, and most importantly, knows how to keep his crowd entertained.

We sent Norman to India on a 3-month contract to perform in a '7 Wonder's of the World' promotion for Shopper Stop, an equivalent to our Woolworths, but with a wider and more upmarket selection. Norman was such a hit!

Every person in the shop would converge on his stage, parnets and children alike staring in awe at his juggling, his uni-cycle stunts and even his balloon animals, which took him by surprise too, as it seems it is unheard of in India (small business oppurtunity anyone?).

But back at home in Cape Town, Norman comes to visit us a number of times a month, to catch up on who's doing what, sign contracts, or even to just get paid... no-one can say our artists don't love us!

So I decided to provide you with a shortened version of 'Storm - the Fire-Artiste' from his demo of Zenith Degree Fahrenheit - a super hot fire show with another long time friend and artist, Pierrot Salaun. Enjoy!

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