Sunday, July 23, 2006


Philip de Villiers - Vorie TV

Philip de Villiers called just at quite a strange time a few weeks ago; I had been researching my families genealogy, and their association with various South African families in the 300 odd years since my ancestors arrived in the Cape, when a De Villiers calls out the blue! It was about music though - and not an unexpected inheritance.

Philip arrived to deliver his promo material, and was a really nice , soft spoken guy. You could see there is alot of feeling inside the man, and that became evident when we reviewed his CD Ek hoor jou (F1000850) and read through his biography.

This CD explains the emotional turmoil Philip had to go through to reach a point where he was able to look at it knowing he had come through it all.

But its not all dreary emotion and sadness; its an upbeat and mature Afrikaans pop album for the soul. Here is one of Philip's fun tracks Vorie TV in which he comments on our modern day lifestyle and habitual addiction to the 'box'.

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