Sunday, October 08, 2006


Kalahari Surfers at In-San-ity

It’s late Sunday night, and I am preparing for the week ahead. Last week we were very busy, and though not all of it was fun and games, there were some good shows that we presented around the country – it just left us feeling very drained at the end of it all and in need of a good break.

One of my oldest performing friends, Abe Thomas from the Starlight Rhythms, or as most people know him – the guy with the trumpet from the Waterfront – performed as a surprise at a 70th birthday party on Saturday; Arno Carstens and his band got a party going in East London on Friday (even after he had been incorrectly billed as the Springbok Nude Girls - tut tut tut); Zolani Mkiva, the Poet of Africa, and official praise-singer at Nelson Mandela and both of Thabo Mbeki’s inaugurations, appeared for us at the Mount Nelson – so lots of interesting things.

The girls had to do a fair amount of over-time in the office last week when we had a number of hiccups, but these things happen when dealing with the ‘human element’, and we are just happy that when things do go wrong, we strive to solve the problem before panicking! Once everything is back on track its always a good idea to go out and shout at the heavens, dance a jig of madness or jump into my freezing swimming pool!

Which is of course why I am preparing for the coming week!

I was very happy to read more about an upcoming festival, wonderfully titled the ‘In-San-ity Khoisan Benefit Festival’ happening at Clanwilliam in the Cederberg from 13 – 15 October. We just happen to have booked some camping sites at the dam, so will definitely be popping in to see some of S.A.’s coolest acts.

Who can turn their nose up at Goldfish, the Kalahari Surfers, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Godessa, Pops Mohamed and even 109 year-old !Gube Tee Tee from SanScapes and Bushmen of the Kalahari fame! There are over 80 groups appearing over the 3 days, with loads of stuff happening around the festival to make it an awesome weekend.

Len & I talk about the fact that when we were living in Holland there were African music festivals happening in every corner of that small country – when at home, in South Africa, at the bottom of the continent that has been the flavour to the rest of the world for years now, there are such a few!

So here’s a track to celebrate the In-San-ity team and all their efforts! It’s Gangsta by the Kalahari Surfers and Mdu Mbutuma from the Akasic Record, released by the African Dope Records crew – Have a great week people!

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