Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Pyramid - R&B Hip Hop

Lynx, one of the trio of The Pyramid from Jozi, a hot up-coming R&B Hip Hop group, came to see me this morning, and of course was eager to get onto the Peak site.

It's always such a pleasure meeting young artists who are so together, arriving with full Electronic Press Kits under their arms, dressed to the nine's, and super confident that their product has what it takes. And I must admit that Lynx was pretty slick.

The Pyramid is a collaboration of Lynx, Cash and I.G.H.O., who have all had successful solo careers to date, and the proof is in the pudding when they took a sample track off their debut album The Pyramid of the Game (SLPYR100) to the Metro FM Hip Hop Music charts. Never be the same entered the charts at # 10, and a week later it hit the top spot!

They have set up their own studio's, hooked up with Hip Hop Joint clothing who sponsors their look, and are already thinking about the future by establishing recording competitions with great prizes to discover new talent on the street. When all is finalized I'll put it out here, but until then, we just have to watch their debut music video Sweet Sixteen, and know that The Pyramid has arrived!

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