Thursday, April 19, 2007


Lark owes me a butt-kick

I want to tell you about what a ‘poephol’ I made of myself the other day, with Lark, our newest SAMA winners of Best Alternative Album for Razbliuto, the funky electronic organic fusion album that’s causing major waves. We were caught up in the frenzy of production for the SNG Peace Breaker launch, and we toying with groups to support the Nudies – when I suddenly thought about Lark!

Lark, as you may already know, has been around for a few years. They’re a young, dynamic mix of artists that fuse a multitude of instruments and disciplines to dramatic effect. I first heard about them through Anton Ressel, a founder of the very cool Streetwires, who is the brother of Paul Ressel, and who I also happened to go to school with. I had done some research, & made contact, but sometimes it takes time to meet.

So I shouted to Denise to call Anton the other day, to get Paul's number to ask them if they would like to open for the Nudies at the Tafelberg Tavern? I explained to him who I am (I’m starting to sound like a bit of an ‘ou man’ now), and then Paul very graciously declined, explaining that they were going to be in Sun City on Friday, and so they wouldn’t be able to – though they would have enjoyed it!

And then on Monday I realized what I had done, when I presented the 2007 SAMA winners on my own blog

Damn… I couldn’t believe that I had been such a poephol!

I wrote to them immediately, apologizing, knee’s getting indented by little stones in the dirt, and they forgave me. And told me they had sent their latest DVD and CD (SAMA winner!!) in the post. (Jasper suggested I needed my bum kicked... and Kai showed how)

I’m happy. They are VERY happy. And so to make you happy – here’s their most awesome video – Moonlight, from the award winning album Razbliuto – which was also rated as Best Video of All Time on MK89… See for yourself…

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beautiful voice, and even if electronica isn't my cuppa, I thought the use of it here was good. (I don't know how that was voted the all time greatest video, though.. maybe I'm missing something?) My all time fave video, if you would like to see it (and it also has an electronica theme, oddly enough!!! is check it out! The images are from an Armenian movie, the singer is Egyptian-Moroccan-Belgian Natacha Atlas, who is one in a million)
Many thanks for that - I agree - the vid is good, but there are many more better!

The Natacha Atlas bit is where I chuckled - the track God is God is by Juno Reactor - one of my fav's too! And this is the right place for Juno! Read these posts:
- it'll give you a little more insight into Juno's Ben Watkins, and how he fuses incredible music from all over the world.

Keep reading!
Like i mentioned on your weblog link thing (I'm linguistically impaired when it comes to internet talk), I pick ONE video to say, oooh, look at this! any the expert knows it already! This is what I call cool!

I will leave you a link to a video by one of my best friends who also is the world's best sax player. (no kidding!) I hope you like it!!
Awesome track! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Gilad; it was a very powerful performance!

Thank you for introducing me to him - but specialist... now that I still have too much music to listen to, to be able to claim that!

May I just suggest another for your listening experience? Moses Taiwa Molelekwa ... Darkness Pass

Keep well!
Very nice, even if the video made me remember that up here, we are moving away from winter at last!

You might very much enjoy this local artist who is along similar lines. Giovanni Allevi is his name, and he is a brilliant composer, as well as sensitive player.

Glad you liked Gilad's stuff!
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