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2007 SAMA winners & controversey

The week has started with South Africa’s newest SAMA winners still glowing in their glory! The nation’s 13th annual music awards ceremony, held at the Sun City Superbowl on Friday & Saturday night, has provided us with some new names to focus on in the future, while also reconfirming that some of our biggest stars, are still stars! But nothing without a little bit of controversy…

I read through numerous online reports, & even 4 papers yesterday; the Sunday Times, The Sunday Independent, The Sunday Weekend Argus & City Press; just trying to find a full list of the winners, but each place I went to just highlighted their own readers presumed preferences. How are we supposed to hear about all the winners if we don’t read about them? How do you cross language barriers if not through music, and learning who is singing what?

The controversy stems from the article in the City Press, written by Japhet Ncube & Cecil Motsepe, who were at the event at the Sun City Superbowl. Their headline reads ‘Dana crowned queen of SA Music’ with the by-line ‘But drama and controversy plague ‘rigged’ music awards’.

“Controversy, drama and rumours that the event was rigged could spoil what turned out to be Simphiwe Dana’s night to shine.” And the article carries on mostly using words like ‘incredibly talented singer controversially crowned’, and about Best Newcomer award winner Siphokazi, who was nominated for 5 awards, being ‘robbed’ of the Best Female Artist award because there is doubt over the juries selection process.

Nothing constructive was offered, or any direct accusation made against the awards process, to which the organizers can answer. Is this responsible reporting? Or do I smell vrot grapes? (Am sure Jon Cherry from the SA Blog Awards knows this feeling!)

I am very pleased with this years winners, as most of the artists I focused on in my ‘South Africans shining all over the world’ post are artists that we love to promote, and were happy winners on the night. And rightfully so!

snatched the Best Group/Duo award from We are so chuffed that Moreira & Mark Fransman picked up the Best Producer Award; and who can deny the talent of Chris Chameleon for Best Adult Contemporary in Afrikaans; while City Press bitch that MafikizoloTrompies and Shwi Nomtekhala (Best Selling Album), who Ncube & Motsepe say should have at least taken it home.

The journo’s say that many of the judges are hand-picked by the organizers (tjommies?), and that some of them moonlight by writing artists profiles and press releases for the record labels (back-handers?), which must prejudice them. Some of the judges have not even written about the music industry in a number of years; which is a worrying factor, because even I would then be a better judge of what’s going on out there!

I just find it slapgat that this information is not highlighted & bitched about prior to the event, as there is really no need to piddle on the fireworks that some very deserved artists have happening inside their heads!

Let’s celebrate the music, encourage audiences to support and nurture that many talented people we have in South Africa, and be professional about how we assess success. Pointing fingers should be done at the right time, and in the right face – the artists, nominated or winning, have no control over the awards – they just want to do what they do best!

So we would like to wish all the winners of this years South African Music Awards our heartiest congratulations, and to the runners up – there is always next year!

For a FULL list of the winners – please feel free to scroll down… Because I want you to know more!

Best Solo Male Artist: Vusi Mahlasela for Naledi Ya Tsela
Best Female Solo Artist: Simphiwe Dana for One Love movement on Bantu Biko Street (hopefully Gallo will be able to afford to update her website now…)
Best Duo/Group: Mafikizolo for Six Mabone
Best Selling Album: Shwi Nomtekhala
Album of the Year: Simphiwe Dana for One Love movement on Bantu Biko Street

Best Producer : Moreiera Chonguica & Mark Fransman for Moreira Chongiuca & the Moreira Project
Best Engineer: Lloyd Ross for Vusi Mahlasela
Best Compilation DVD (Single Artist): Mafikizolo for The Hits
Best Live DVD: Soweto Gospel Choir for Blessed Live in Concert
Best Music Video: Lara Hollis for Lira
Best Kwaito: Kabelo for Exodus
Best Rap: Flabba (from Skwatta Kamp) for Nkuli vs Flabba
Best R&B/Soul: Claire Phillips for Say My Name
Best urban Dance: DJ Cleo for Eskhaleni Zone 3
Best Afrikaans Dance: Kurt Darren for Lekker Lekker
Best Urban Pop: Lesego for Mymusic
Best Pop (African): Mafikizolo for Six Mabone
Best Pop (Afrikaans): Eden for Eden
Best Pop (English): Danny K for This is my time
Best Alternative: Lark for Razbliuto
Best Rock (Afrikaans): Fokofpolisiekar for Swansong
Best Rock (English): Cassestte for Welcome Back to Earth
Best Country: Fredi Nest for Hey DJ
Best Kiddies Afrikaans: Steve Hofmeyr for Laaitjies & Ladies
Pop/Rock Gospel: Mic for Snapshot
Traditional African Accapella Gospel: Thulani Manana for Impi Kasathane
African Traditional Gospel: Jabu & Sipho for Esphambonweni (Send Your Fire)
African Contemporary Gospel: Rebecca for Umthombo
Best Urban Gospel: Redeemed for Live in Soweto
Best Adult Contemporary - African: Siphokazi for Ubunu Bam
Best Adult Contemporary – Afrikaans: Chris Chameleon for 7de Hemel
Best Adult Contemporary – English: Johnny Clegg for One Life
Vocal Jazz: Simphiwe Dana for One Love movement on Bantu Biko Street
Instrumental Jazz: Bheki Khosa for Getting to Heaven Alive
Contemporary Jazz: Simphiwe Dana for One Love movement on Bantu Biko Street
Best Instrumental: Paul Hammer for Accused #1 Nelson Mandela
Best Traditional Accapella: Colenso Abafana Benkokhelo for Induku
Best Maskanda: Shwi Nomtekhala for Angimazi Ubaba
Best Mbhaqanga: Bhekumuzi Luthuli for Inkinga Ngu R7
Best Tsonga: MD Shirinda for Gama Ranshele
Best Afrikaans Traditional: Klipwerf for Hantam Kwela

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Thanks for the list -- and for the insight into the awards.

dj earball of SoundRoots Global Culture
Thanks for the list. I live far away from home(in the US)and have been struggling to get the full list. U rock dude!
Pleasure folks - understand its been quite a mission!

Thanks for popping by!
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