Thursday, March 15, 2007


Making a difference to HIV/AIDS through music - Jimmie Earl Perry

I enjoy finding people who are doing a great job in bringing this country closer to where it deserves to be, and usually these people are South African’s. But we have recently been introduced to an ex-American (and I say ex because his heart and passion is being pumped straight into our SA blood-stream) Professor Jimmie Earl Perry, who currently the Director of the Educational Theatre and Creative Arts Program of the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management in Stellenbosch, and making a big difference in peoples lives.

Prof. Jan du Toit, also from the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS, came to present Jimmie’s material, a musical style that is almost gospel in that it sings praise, just not to God – rather to us as human beings I feel; praising all the potential that we possess. Jimmie inspires – his excellent vocal abilities are described as a "tasteful and cultured mixture of rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel influences, while being soothing, soulful, and full of wisdom". And that they are.

Prof. Perry has been creating productions to educate the world community in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and he produced and performed at the gala launch for the Centre in February, 2005 and included South African artists, DNA Strings, Lize Beekman, Carina Bruwer, Abaqondisi Brothers, JL Zwane Siyaya, and Carte Blanche presenter Ruda Landman.

In the track I uploaded at MyVideo, Destination Africa, I hope, as Jimmie does, that it inspires you to be grateful about where you are; to be excited about how positive life is; and as Jimmie sings, he is ‘Going to say to everyone Peace, go well’; ‘Gonna make it there where I belong’; ‘makes me want to sing my song!’ Destination Africa.

Remember that this is a man who is in a line of work that should be so depressing; a line of work that brings him into contact with the saddest cases of people debilitated with HIV/Aids, and yet there are still stories of hope, of strength and courage, and ubuntu. Of people carrying on regardless of the obstacles, of people who don’t just want to be a statistic!

Instead of bitching and feeling like the world is against you, stand up and be proud; stand up and make a difference – don’t just be an audience member – get up and dance to the music, and make sure that you too are a part of our show – this South African show!

Make a difference, people. It’ll make you feel GREAT!

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