Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hog Hoggidy Hog - Time for love

So Windguru didn’t get it totally right. Tuesday morning we got a frantic phone call that our wonderful client – and I say that, because we really enjoy him – Eric Lyall was almost blown over backwards when he took his client to inspect Maidens Cove. And the marquee had blown over during the night. So at 10h00 on the day of the event the venue had to be changed.

An event 5-months in the planning, suddenly changed shape, character and most importantly, timing, and became a totally different beast. I mean, can you imagine a West Coast Fishing Village in the centre of town?

Well, we did it. In fact the bokkems and snoek filled the hall with such an authentic aroma, nobody knew better!

Stormin’ Norman & 35 Minstrels matched the South Easter in power when they greeted the buses at the entrance. The wind was pomping, and they lit up the entire neighbourhood! Hot stuff! Fadiel Gasant from the Orient Community Minstrels gathered his top characters from his community as typical West Coast fisherfolk, and the Starlight Rhythms jammed from the stage.

But Len and I had to get away. 31 October was our 11th wedding anniversary (and still loving eachother like day 1!), so I had booked a special table at Antique… Eric was a happy man. So Antique welcomed us in style.

Until Lenny took a look out the window. The 31st floor didn’t really turn her on, so we ended up on one of the ‘beds’ where one can dine almost ‘Roman’ style, with curtains blocking out the view, and of course to give you the privacy that you deserve when you’ve been married 11 years… Kinda feel like a veteran…

Let me tell you this. If you want great service – go to Antique (thank you René) – if you want excellent food – go to Antique (Ok. Lennny makes better Satay sauce…. But hell…) their tuna steak was like butter and the duck that I demolished was unforgettable. They served us champagne on the house, and were graceful and attentive throughout the night – everybody, from the manager to strolling waitrons – something to experience!

We were exhausted – but it was 'Time for love', as the Hog Hoggidy Hog’s say – one of Cape Town’s hottest Punk Rock bands (right - thanks Craig). I hear the Hog’s are going to be giving some of their special love at Gandalf’s, on Lower Main Road in Obs on Saturday 04 November for Guy Fawkes. And you gotto love them!

Remember that these guys didn’t only play naked at Oppikoppie in front of 5000 people, but were even featured oiled and naked in the July 2001 edition of Cosmopolitan – not exactly punk, but it got their names out there.

So here are HHH – live at the Roxy in Jo’burg with Time for Love!

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