Friday, September 22, 2006


Peak & Reach for a Dream

I was contacted some time ago by Kelly Burke of Flux Communication, on behalf of the Reach for a Dream Foundation for some Cape Minstrels.

Kelly explained that there is a young 'Dreamer', Chesco, living in Mannenberg, whose dream it was to play the trumpet with a troupe of Minstrels, but due to being very ill, and not having the resources, he had been put forward to the foundation in the hope of fulfilling his dream.

I know that some of the dreams children have are not always very big or complicated as we might expect, and though this young man had his heart set on a trumpet, there are some who have never seen the sea; have never tasted oranges; or dreamed of running out onto the field with the Springboks; or just had the pleasure of wearing a pair of new shoes.

I knew I had to contact Fadiel from the Ashwin Willemse Orient Community Development Group of Minstrels - quite a name I know, but they too are a community group that Peak has been using for a number of years. Money earned at gig's goes towards producing costumes for the youth in the poorer areas, and getting them to be involved in the annual Kaapse Klopse festival at the beginning of the year. Fadiel was very keen to be involved and offered his troupe for free to entertain this young man.

This was our second association with the foundation this month; CODA performed at the Reach for a Dream Charity Ball, a very high profile event where all the celeb's come out to play their part for charity, on the 2nd of September at Helderberg Estate in Sandton.

So yesterday was special. The whole street came out to enjoy the music with a very shy Chesco, it was beautiful weather, and his grin was wide and true as he posed for pictures with Kelly, and the sponsor of this dream, Richard Mulvey.

Richard told me that he sponsors one dream per month, and that this one was probably one of the most fun he's been involved with. Richard is well-known throughout South Africa as a self-help/motivational speaker that Lenny has been to a few courses of.

There is always lots of behind the scenes rushing and stressing to get groups of people to meet each other at the same address - this time in the heart of Mannenberg (thanks to the Mannnenberg Police Station for their excellent directions!). But I think that at the end of it all, Chesco was very excited with the special attention, Richard enjoyed himself, and so I can only have a good feeling.

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