Friday, July 14, 2006


Madosini & Patrick Duff

I am focusing on Madosini at the moment because we saw her again yesterday - arranging her visa's to travel to the 5th International Jew's Harp Fesstival in Amsterdam's Muziekgebouw Aan 't Ij on 28 July.

She's such an amazing
mama, and even though we can't communicate through language, we understand eachother so well.

It made me think of her performances at the
WOMAD festivals that she performed at with Patrick Duff, of Strangelove, (as I mentioned in my earlier post) and some recordings I had made of their rehearsals at Vuyo Katsha's house in Montana, Gug's in July 2003.

Patrick had been mesmerized by her performance the year before and had received a grant from the
Performing Rights Society in the UK to create a cultural collaboration with Madosini.

And so he flew out for two weeks so they could get to know each other and play around with idea's before getting into serious rehearsals and performances in the UK and a recording in Singapore.
This video is grainy and low quality, but I am searching for the tape!

Patrick and Vuyo accompany Madosini as she tells a Xhosa story.

I think the whole experience with Madosini inspired Patrick to get his head back on his shoulders, because soon after his experience of touring with her, he wrote and recorded his latest album Luxury Problems where his songs define a more collected Patrick Duff.

I have a full interview with him where many people will be amamzed at how calm and peaceful he was, sitting on the floor in the middle of a foreign township. He was in a place he really wanted to be in, with a very special new friend - Madosini Manqina.

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It's true that Patrick's incredible experiences in S.A. and working with Madisini inspired him and some of the songs he wrote at that time, like '24 Hour Hard Shoulder Man' are now appearing in his set and will appear on his next album BUT it would also be true to say that Patrick had written most of the tracks on 'Luxury Problems' before he worked with Madisini, many of them having been written in May 02 at a week-long session we spent on Dartmoor. At the moment Patrick is working with a new band who made their debut at this year's WOMAD festival in Reading UK. More shows will be coming up in the autumn and a new album will go into production really soon.

With best wishes and love to you all, Annie McGann
(Patrick's friend and collaborator :-)
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