Monday, November 06, 2006


Freshlyground win MTV Africa award!

What a beautiful Monday, after a little bit of a cold front swinging past the Cape this weekend. It also seemed to affect the internet, as we were down for most of it, which is why it was quiet from this side.

But just because I am quiet doesn’t mean the world stopped turning - there was so much happening; Freshlyground becoming the first South Africans to win the MTV Award for Africa on Thursday night in Copenhagen; Australia drawing against Wales in rugby, but then utterly destroying the West Indies in India during the Champions Trophy final; Saddam Hussein being sentenced to death by hanging; and our very own shaky Shaik's having his appeal turned down! Lots to keep us entertained!

Apart from that, we are still coming to terms with the passing of P.W. and whether he deserved to have our flag flown at half-mast in his honour; we wait in anticipation to see whether the NPA will be bringing new charges against Jacob Zuma; and finally whether the Americans have finally come to their own Rubicon and will vote the Democrats in…

Ultimately – I think we should celebrate Freshlyground and what they have achieved. It’s a milestone, and one that we should all be proud of - even if Doo Bee Doo irritates the hell out of me. I like it that they beat a whole lot of Nigerian artists. Damn, they actually beat a whole lot of African artists to get there!

So today I will let you enjoy one of their newer videos – I’d like. I’d like to see more and more South African groups making it internationally, but in the meantime, groups like Freshlyground, Goldfish, Seether and Just Jinjer are paving the way!

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