Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Thandiswa 'just sings'!

I first came across Thandiswa Mazwai as vocalist 'Red' from the South African super-kwaito-stars Bongo Maffin.

This outfit was one of the first real cross-over groups to make Kwaito more accessible to the white audiences, with catchy beats and really some cool chorus lines, getting them loads of air time on major radio stations, and with their international exposure through tours.

We had chance to see her in action as part of the first 46664 concert in Cape Town, while there with the Pondo's, Women Unite and Red Zebra drummers; we booked her for the Woolworths 'Be More You' campaign; Lenny was at her presentation to the WOMEX delegates in Newcastle U.K. last year after she had been nominated for a BBC World Music Award; and at this years Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

But, we were to work closely with her in 2004, in collaboration with Zoom South Africa, when she was used to record the new PEP jingle.

It was a morning in the studio, along with our close friend, and amazing vocalist Sindi Harrison, she showed true class and professionalism. It was amazing to watch how easily she was able to translate the ideas that seemed cool on paper, but just became amazing when she sang them!

But that can be heard on her debut album Zabalaza (GWVCD54). Returning to her roots - including a trip to the Transkei to meet with Madosini - she lets us know how it feels to be a young South African growing up in a new state of freedom.

'The world changes, revolutionaries die, and the children forget' (Nizalwa Ngobani?) She hasn't forgotten her roots. She's embraced them and made them hers. She's become a star to be listened to!

This is a small video that was used to introduce the new jingle at a PEP conference in 2004!

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