Monday, January 22, 2007


Ernestine Deane - ex-Moodphase5ive

I am getting caught up in so many different things of late, both homely and workwise, that it has become hard to get a posting rhythm going again – it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening though! (But that doesm't mean we don't enjoy - what a view from Primi Piatti, Table View...)

The office is getting through a multitude of projects at the moment, and some of them are pretty time consuming – but the bigger they are the more work that needs to be done. Lenny, Denise and Ang have a rapid-fire vocal match going most of the day, each negotiating, dealing and arranging while the enquiries keep flying in!

We had had a lot of positive response from 1st Projects appearance on television in December, and also had the highest number of hits for a day when the fans started searching for them! Both Peak sites had modest (205 on Peak Blog & 625 on Peak Perf) record days!

I have a pile of artists who have sent through their demo’s, DVD’s and am still working through the 630 emails in my inbox – each of them is important and is being dealt with. (RT Concerts dancers pictured left)

One of them came from Ernestine Deane, the sultry ex-vocalist of Cape Town’s Moodphase 5ive. Of course I am going to sit and read with more focus, and so ignore the Peak chatter!

I got in touch a Brian de Goede, Ernie's husband, at that stage because I really wanted to do stuff with Moodphase; but they were in various stages of unfortunate break-up, so nothing came out of that, except an awesome demo CD that still gets the office to chill. I know that Ernie got in touch with her roots, around the time that she was pregnant, and this resulted in a musical documentary, in collaboration with filmaker Kali van der Merwe, titled 'Brown'.

'Brown' was featured at film festivals such as Italy's Milano Film Festival (where it won Best Africa Documentary), The Apollo and Durban Film Festivals, and still doing its rounds, having been featured several times by SABC.

But Ernie, from Grassy Park on the Cape Flats, is back. She’s gone solo and I am really looking forward to hearing her at gigs soon. She’s such a sensual voice, and with the experience and success that she has already got, I think that she is an exciting addition to our database.

Here is a vid I had received some time ago – I am not sure of the title, it was labeled ‘Vgotto’ (so if anyone knows the track name - please shout!), but it has the right sound, and message, and even features some of the funky Godessa ladies!

Let’s all have a good week!

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