Thursday, May 03, 2007


Strings 'an Skins from Africa

Greg Georgiades & Ashish Joshi have a group called Strings ‘an Skins, and when they teamed up with Madala Kunene & Bernard Mdaweni, you were guaranteed that some amazing music was made!

Strings ‘an Skins play rhythmical interpretations of North African and South African improvisational styles. Their Afro-Asian hybrid beats are played on traditional instruments, such as the Indian percussive drums (Tabla & Dhol), Egyptian (Darbukah) and African (Djembe), played by Ashish, and the North African fretless lute (Oud), Bouzouki and nylon string Flamenco guitar, played by Greg.

Their CD “Strings ‘an Skins”, was voted ‘Best CD of the year’ by Pretoria News readers. They have played extensively around South Africa from Swartruggens to Rustlers Valley, Splashy Fenn and Oppikoppi, where audiences have been thrilled by their driving rhythms and catchy melodies.

Their collaborations have included shows with metal-rap group Not My Dog, the Tony Cox band, Madala (pictured left) and DJ’s Not My Dog and Hyser, as well as the acclaimed Aquarian Quartet show “The World in a Guitar”.

Here is a track that was recorded at Tings & Times, and given to me recently by Robert from MELT (don’t be jealous – I always share with you!), and then this morning Ashish sent me a couple of extra pics. So all I can really say is… enjoy!

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