Friday, October 20, 2006


Just Jinjer - What He Means

Last night we watched Top Billing's feature on Just Jinjer, filmed during their quick visit to SA recently to promote their new album. The guys have really done some great work, still being the biggest selling rock band in South African history with over 240,000 units sold of their 6 albums, and showing really down-to-earth guys out there pushing to make it.

Today I am featuring What He Means from their latest album - Just Jinjer. And what an awesome track, as you’ll be able to hear and see from the music vid in a mo – when I’m finished telling you how impressed I am. Art, or Ard as he is named on his birth certificate – hauntingly begs for Peace, Love, More Tolerance, Faith, Hope, Trust in the same name of God – and all of it wearing a Nelson Mandela 46664 t-shirt. This is very cool stuff!

They've have performed and toured with groups like U2, Counting Crows and Def Leopard; as well as performing for hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world from the UK to Dubai to Durban – and think of what a positive South African message they're sending out? We need more South African’s who understand where we have come from, to help other people see where they can go – and music is such a sexy medium in which to preach!

Just Jinjer is... Art Matthews (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Brent Harris (Drums/Vocals), Denholm Harding (Bass/Vocals) and Sandy Chila (Guitar/Keyboards). They’re all cool. Someone send them a few bottles of Mrs Balls!

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Soul Uplifting!
what He means is a SUPER song I love it!!!!
I'm looking for the complete song lyrics of this fantastic song : What He Means" by Just Jinger...can someone help?
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