Sunday, August 13, 2006


Moses Taiwa Molelekwa - Darkness Pass 1

The other day I said how Moses warms the spirit on a cold winters day - well - I have the video to go with the music.

Lianne Cox directed and edited a video that puts visuals to the beautiful sounds created by Moses Taiwa Molelekwa with his track Darkness Pass 1, from his Darkness Pass - Solo Piano (BWSA079) CD, but featured on the Moses Taiwa Molelekwa Live at the Fin de Siecle Festival Nantes 1997 (MZADV001) DVD.

Brought up during the final years of apartheid, Moses was one of the lost generation of South Africans who, through examination boycotts and defiance in the townships, was denied a formal education. "I was beginning to get into trouble, but I wasn't that bad", he said of his early teens. "There were no recreational facilities for young people in the township... no role models; the crime rate keeps rising and when people earn money they become victims and have to leave."

Rescued by his passion for piano playing, Moses declared, "There is no question that music saved my life." (National Geographic)

Its another treat for the stormy weather that is on its way to Cape Town. Thanks again to Robert @ MELT!

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