Friday, April 20, 2007


Cameroonian Della Tamin in Jozi

One of the greatest joys of working in the music industry, is when you get to meet & hear about lots of exciting new artists. And getting to know that artists work seems to broaden horizons – you can’t take that knowledge away, you can only add to it. That’s what its like having Robert Trunz as a music guru! He’s forever broadening my horizons!

The latest artist that he introduced me to is the Johannesburg-based Della Tamin, originally from the Wouri region in Cameroon, where some of the great artists such as Prince Eyango and the late Kotto Bass were his immediate influences.

Della’s songs, which he pens himself, are in his mother-tongue, Medumba, as well as Duala, French & English, and he has been making a name for himself of late by performing at Moyo Restaurants in and around Jo’burg, following a very successful gig at the Bassline.

Della studied physics & chemistry at the University of Cameroon, graduating as a Civil Technician before coming to SA in 2004.

He is recording an album through MELT, which we can expect at a later stage of 2007.

So here’s a little track to broaden your horizon! Della was joined on stage by some local artists, including the Kwani Experience & Live African Percussion duo Frank Magongwa (left) on Bass & percussionist Bafana Nhlapo.

Have an awesome weekend folks – we have a stunning start in Cape Town today!

1st Video from a funky little site!

07/04/23 UPDATE: I was waiting for a mail from Robert as I couldn't remember the back-up vocalists name - it's Laure Yolande Noongo, also from Cameroon, and this mama has a voice to listen to!

Her range goes from Folk to Opera, and I am sure we are going to hear more of her!

I also asked Robert if Della's music would be classed as more World Music mix, or if it is a typical Cameroonian style, and he replied, "
On the one hand he is a singer/songwriter who composes his own songs with a strong influence of the rhythmic patterns of the region of Yaounde (Cameroon) where he was born but Della also admires French chansons which comes out in his romantic and often quite dramatic song writing" - so there you have it.

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