Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Goldfish'ing all night

The wind just hasn’t stopped pumping in the last few days; battering the entire peninsula with and endless howl and whistle as it squeezes through every little crack in the house; under every closed window; rattling every door in its effort to go through, instead of over the top.

So we’ve been living in a sort of goldfish bowl, unable to open anything for fear of it landing on Robben Island, looking at the world outside and wondering when its going to end.

It’s quieter now. The Cape of Storms is taking a breather.

So in celebration… (I am so excited!...) I am going to let you watch a very cool Goldfish vid, made by some friends of ours on the other side of the peninsula in Fishhoek – Gregg & Angela from iaminawe (I-am-in-awe for all those thinking you had suddenly stumbled on a Xhosa site!) Greg & Angela do some of the most awesome work – see for yourself – and are involved with some of Cape Town’s most progressive entertainers, musicians & corporate clients, and as they describe the work they do
Iaminawe is a nomadic experiment in lateral living. It is travel, passion, culture, movement, originality and creativity."

Damn – that wind was blowing all day, and All Night!

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Only reading the Goldfish log now, Excellent, They are at Zingara soon too. Go well, see you soon.

Marc Zandhuis
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