Monday, July 17, 2006


Busi Mhlongo - Yapheli'mali Yami

As I promised before, I have edited down a small video of Busi Mhlongo in anticpation of going to Milestone with Robert Trunz to look-in on the editing of a Live DVD this week.

This track is a live performance of the track Yapheli' mali yami (My money is gone) from Urbanzulu that Robert gave to me a few months back to add to the African Music Collective's database - but only through trial and error have I been able to get my iomega Super DVD player to work recently... so it is delayed.

Back to Busi.

She is tiny, yet she fills the stage with her voice and towering personality, taking the audience on a vocal journey. To keep this movie small I have had to reduce the quality of the sound - so just wait until you hear the power of the Live DVD! Watch this space - I'm sure there will be more to tell.

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I live in the US and would *love* to get a copy of this DVD (if it's released) - any suggestions on how to go about it?

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