Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sibots Super Evil Me

I read an article yesterday about an issue that really worries me.

IOL reported yesterday that the organisation has joined ‘several other local and international media organisations in opposing the Film and Publications Amendment Bill.’ What the government basically wants to do is regulate all news media by amending the Film and Publications Act – making it possible for the government to censor what we hear and read.

Didn’t the Apartheid government do that so successfully, for such a long time?

There are a number of places where there is more information about this; The Harbinger, a Blog by Professor Anton Harber, director of the Journalism and Media Studies Programme at Wits University and former editor of the Mail & Guardian; the Parliamentary Monitoring Group's list of tabled bills; and a letter from the International Press Institute to President Thabo Mbeki. We do need to make a stand about this, because freedom of expression cannot be compromised!

An artist like Sibot, who is also part of the DJ-duo Real Estate Agents that I featured recently, has made a very frisky like horror film to go with his track Super Evil Me. As I said, these guys are considered to be dance-floor terrorists, and now with this exciting little video, you can hear and see why!

It’s another track under the African Dope clan, produced by A-187 Films & Moagli Osborne, and has a catchy little story about a curse that is passed on by a little old lady. The curse causes all kinds of violent acts in the city centre, ending with all the ‘cursed’ coming together in a castle.

I think we’re pretty 'cursed' if we let this bill be approved. And as with the official crime statistics only being released once a year, much of a news that we need to hear will be 'buried'; deemed either too sensitive for our ears, or subversive to the governments cause.

We cannot let that happen!

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