Monday, August 21, 2006


Hot Water - Cape Town style

I was nicely surprised this morning after meeting Donovan Copley of a new group on the Peak books - Hot Water. Especially after writing my piece about Freshlyground last night, as Aron had also heard them and thought they were very cool .

Once again, a real Cape Town sound has been allowed to grow, and typical of South Africans, their music is a wonderful mix of styles, cultures and instruments. Or as Donovan says:

"It is a collaborative band drawing on the talents of a diverse group of musicians to create dynamic and entertaining acoustic groove music with its roots in Africa.

The music roams the four seasons, with the overall "sound" ranging from atmospheric world instrumentals to African Blues to Jivey-Afro Rock. There'll also likely be some instruments at any Hot Water gig which you have never seen before..."

And this isn't bad press either:

"Immediately we're all going 'Hows these ous?' - that's how good this album is!? There's a very unique South African sound and flavour mixed in here that makes it stand out on its own. Hot water definitely gets our vote as a must have local album and home-grown groups that are going to go far"
ZIG-ZAG February/March 2006

So here is their video of Bushfire from their album Home (DMC021) - I'm sure you will enjoy the show as I did!

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