Thursday, April 12, 2007


Kurt Darren & DJ Sbu showdown!

The day before a major launch like we have planned for tomorrow night, things get pretty hectic in the office! Sponsors calling to try and get extra tickets, interviews being planned (Arno will be on Maties FM from 16h30 – 17h00 & on UCT Radio from 19h30 – 20h00) and juggled around last minute rehearsals and just a general pandemonium – which is exactly what you need for it all to fall into place on the day.

I spent the morning yesterday filming many of our artists who were part of a circus show currently being hosted at Bayside Centre in Table View. Aerial acts, clowns that juggle, acrobats, an escape show, uni-cyclists, knife-throwing, etc – if your kids have nothing to do this Saturday, go and check it out – it is really cool.

I was standing high up on the staircase, to be able to film from above, and had a few teenagers standing near me; the ones that are still in a pretty geeky stage of their lives, when they aren’t sure is they are coming or going, and they don’t really find anything cool – these guys were hosing themselves at all the slapstick and subtle jokes that go over the kids heads… So I feel it was mission accomplished.

Musically, we are all preparing ourselves for the South African Music Awards that are happening on Saturday. It is really the highlight of the year; when musicians get official recognition for all the hard slog that they have put into their creations…

And competition for the top-spot is getting tight! Song of the year… will it go to Bok van Blerk’s Afrikaaner heart-wrenching De la Rey? And what about the very mellow What he means from Just Jinjer? Or the ‘balle tussen jou beneLeeuloop by Robbie Wessels? I can’t answer. But I know that Kurt Darren (Lekker Lekker) and DJ Sbu (Remember when it rained) took things to the streets the other day in a bitch-slapping-testosterone-fueled challenge… check it out…

Hope your day is just great!

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