Friday, July 28, 2006


Kalahari Surfers - Kicked by the ball

While at Milestone Studio's last week with Robert Trunz, we bumped into Warrick of the Kalahari Surfers. He is the sole remaining member of the group that started making music as a string of studio projects in 1982, and is still on the fore-front of electronic music today.

The Kalahari Surfers have been pushing the limits of South African music for over two decades pioneering the use of filtered beats, tape loops, exotic samples and old school electronica in SA music at a time when everyone still thought the electric guitar was cool.

Warrick says,"Being a white English South African means being schizophrenic. It means not having a firm foot in any culture, but it also means being privileged to be exposed to many wildly diverse aspects of social life. A tapestry of influences."

He's established a massive reputation as film scorer, sound designer, african music dj, album producer and collaborater with the likes of Massive Attack, MELT 2000 and Greg Hunter.

In 2000 Warrick produced Akasic Record (ADOPECD004) through African Dope Records, and he once again set the standards so high that a whole new generation of musicians are looking to him for inspiration. (Kicked by the ball was produced by Inka Kendzia @ MEME - always amazing stuff)

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