Saturday, September 23, 2006


Iridium Project funky party

Lenny and I went out last night and hooked up with Nick Matthews, from CODA & Iridium Project. We’d all been working like slaves and so ended up having a good night of chin-wagging and relaxing.

The main reason why he came through was to drop off some footage of Iridium Project’s performance at the Cape Town Fashion Week, which we were really looking forward to viewing. But the 3 of us, being Cancerians and such social beings, only parted ways in the quiet hours of the morning.

Jasper & Kai are both on holiday as from today, so with fetching them and their buddies, treats at MacDonald’s, going down to the bay to watch the attempted rescue of the pilot of the ill-fated aerobatics plane that went down in the sea off Milnerton, writing about Iridium Project was put on hold till much later.

This group is too cool and funky! But an you ever be too cool? Don’t you want your party-guests to think that you are just way ahead of everyone else? To remember your party as the one that knocked their socks off?

If Iridium Project is going to be there, then you had better wash your feet!

Miss Lou Chase has the sexy vocals, MR DJ Nick Matthews is seen bopping the beat on the decks and samplers, and Joseph adds that percussion that makes it real (This is a smaller version - but I'll come to that when I feature them all!). The models have to work hard to be as sexy as this trio!

What I really enjoy is the clear reference to Cape Town, and what a cool place this is to be – SoundsCape, Cape Town, the summer sun, sexy, sweaty, party beats…

But for now, it’s Heritage weekend. We’re celebrating Heritage day on Sunday in S.A., and so are allowed Monday to further remember the importance of the day.

Lenny, our boys, my mother Gaynor and myself are taking a short trip up the road the Buffelsfontein Game & Nature Reserve to really unwind for the weekend. It’s close by, but has got loads of wildlife such as Lion, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, lots of bokkies and some more rarer species like the Cape Fox, Genet and even Honey Badgers.

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