Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Kai Buntu Oerlemans van den Berg - 3!

Yesterday we celebrates our youngest boykies birthday. Kai turned 3-years old, and he had a great day getting very spoilt with lots of love and attention.

He got loads of presents; all his favourite little action men characters like Superman, Spiderman and with bikes and cars and speedboats, and clickity things and things that stick. We had such fun going around Regggies toy store looking at all the exciting things I would have loved to have growen up playing with.

So if there is any doubt about where to shop for me for my next birthday... pop down to Reggies!

And what kids birthday would be without a kiddies meal at the good ol' Spur. A table for the kids and another for all the adults as we were joined by Nana and Great-Oma, aunts and boyfriends and friends.

A little word of advice too - Seven Spur's spareribs are by far the best in Cape Town!

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