Tuesday, December 19, 2006


1st Project on Mnet

Tonight we were very proud, and excited if you had any idea of the frantic sms’s that were flying between all the girls from our office, to sit and watch an hour special on Mnet, of one of our favourite groups – 1st Project!

The girl’s were drooling, as with much of the female population of SA I am sure, over one of the hottest live shows you can imagine! Industrial drumming at its most frenetic, and energetic, and a stage presence that had their live audience eating out of their hands, these guys are very cool!

We have been raving about them to a number of our clients, and have had a few bookings, so it is all the better now that they have reached a wider audience.

Play it to break it!

That’s their motto. And they look like they want to break it!

Lenny was commenting on what a great 'stage presence' they have, and that their show wasn’t only musically exciting, but they kept everyone entertained too… I think she was just getting sucked under the influence of the other girls who were fantasizing about all kinds of future ‘auditions’ that the Peak office would HAVE to conduct!

But then again – I do agree – with them having a great stage presence that is! They were very cool!

I know they are off to do some skiing in Switzerland over Xmas, and already the fan mail has started rolling in… but we’ll keep you updated about how you too can get hold of a copy of their new DVD - Play it to break it!

In the meantime – here is an ad I found of 1st Project promoting SA Music Week 2002 – they have been around for 7-years already… and it feels like your first time… Don’t worry – better late than never!

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You can get the dvd at 9mmfilms.com or 1stproject.com

wicked cool
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