Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The Real Estate Agents revolution

I needed to get back to the music - leave the politics to the politicians - and let the music rule!

Sounds a little revolutionary that... So I will focus on some terrorism. It's called dancefloor-terrorism!

The Real Estate Agents from Cape Town are two of the funkiest DJ's, and as they like to describe themselves, unstable sonic scientists with a fetish for low-fi audio-visual property values. Made up of Sibot (pictured right) and Markus Wormstorm, these guys are best seen live, where they have re-invented the art of performance, with very creative DJ'ing, scratching, pling and live beat manipulation.

Markus Wormstorm (pictured left) says,'“Taking the African rhythm heartbeat to the next level but with really, really thick western production.'

They use an array of samplers, laptops, feedback units and turntables, rare & often humorous sounds, beats, loops and samples that create a 'freq fest of beat-bop, glitch-hop, drop-top to the cop shop fun.'

We've come into contact with the Real Estate Agents through Roach & Fletcher at African Dope Records, which has over the years created some of the Cape's most exciting cross-over music on the label. I will be featuring a few more of their exciting productions in the near future.

In the meantime, here is the real estate agents, produced by Inka @ MEME.

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