Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Madosini - Queen of Langa

Madosini got back from Amsterdam a few days ago, after having performed at the Mouthbow Festival at the Musziekgebouw Aan 't Ij for a one off show, and then immediately set off for the Transkei to see her family - talk about jetset!

She's is such as amazing personality - as I keep mentioning - and her music is true "of the African earth". This lady who mesmerizes audiences the world over lives in a humble flat that she shares with a number of other people. And i know for a fact that all her earnings go towards the welfare of her grandchildren, while she chooses her simple exsistance is a very run down part of Langa township.

Now that Brenda Fassie, also one of Langa's many talented children, has passed on, I really do believe that Madosini deserves the title of Queen of Langa.

Here is another short video clip I was fortunate enough to be able to capture with famed British artist from the group Strangelove, Patrick Duff when he came to rehearse with Madosini and Vuyo Katsha of Amampondo. It's rough and ready, and the builders outside had probably heard it all before, but it shows how two worlds can meet and be creative in the shortest time - something we like to refer to as in the spirit of ubuntu...

Patrick Duff, Madosini Manqina & Vuyo Katsha, Gugluthu outside Cape Town, 15 July 2003.

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I have never heard about Madosini before but what've seen really impressed me. Thank you for the post. The whole African cultyre is so amazing!
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