Saturday, August 05, 2006


The Dixie Swingers foot-tapping jazz

Ed Backhouse, leader of the Dixie Swingers Jazz band, has been a good friend of Peak Performances for a long time. We have used him at so many events large and small over the years, not only as a reliable choice, but because we know that he and his group are always a great success.

One of our favourite events was when we were working closely with the Cape Town City Improvement District, in bringing lunch-time entertainment and music to the city during the week. It was a really awesome gig, and though we had to really rag the artists for reduced prices, we all had loads of fun entertaining Cape town, and seeing the difference it made to people's lunch time's.

I know as a street performer, that most lunch-timers are in such a rush to get from point A to Point B, that they often miss what is going on around them; side-stepping the beggars and street vensdors, talking on their cellphones, walking briskly to get where ever they are going as quickly as possible. And that's where a good street entertainer is at his most valuable - being able to slow down the whole process, and catching that fast-paced attention for a few moments. Making them notice for awhile, by breaking the rhythm, and bringing laughter, a smile, or just a little bit of awe.

And although Ed and the Dixies are no professional street performers, but rather swanky jazz musicians with long CV's under each of their belts, they always managed to draw an appreciative crowd enjoying the foot-tapping, happy-go-lucky styles of Dixieland and traditional jazz.

Ed and the Dixie Swingers will be appearing on behalf of the Jasper's Starfish class, at the Blouberg International Academy Food Fair next Saturday as abit of a surprise.

Ed is like that - he likes to take part in community events, often offers his services for free at charity events - knowing, that what goes around, comes around. Thanks Ed!

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