Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Private Stash - an Indian mix

Private Stash is a truly classical Indian collaboration from South Africa (take that Bollywood!). No, no, I didn't mean a hashish mix either - its music. Music for the soul!

Private Stash was founded in 2006 by tabla player Ashish Joshi who gathered a group of young South African born Indian musicians together to create a unique group. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another group that represents the Indian culture in South Africa as this one does.

So Ashish got together with Ravi Lalloo, Bharat Gordhan, Premal Bhana and Dillen Ramjee plus guests Greg Georgiades and Maynard van der Walt, and they were recorded at The Studio With No Name, the MELT farm just outside Cullinan; a feast of sound and colour.

The whole session will be coming out soon on DVD, and I think that anyone can feel part of the relaxed ambiance of the MELT farm, & this amazing group of musicians that recorded there.

Recorded by well-known sound engineer Chris Lewis, who has been an integral part of most of MELT’s vast catalogue of South African & international collaborations.

The filming was done by Lianne Cox, who was recently nominated for a SAMA for Best Music Video for her work on the late Lebo Mathosa’s video Brand New Day.

(Ok, it's not the smallest of files, but I didn't want you to listen to kak sound... so its worth it!)

UPDATE 07/05/03: Ashish sent me the names of all the artists in the above clip - so you know who they are - and can say you saw them here first! So here is the group that collborates on the project known as Sur Banditz:

Premal Bhana – Sitar
Greg Georgiades – Sarod, Oud
Ashish Joshi – Santoor, Tabla
Bharat Gordhon – Vocals, Harmonium
Dillen Ramjee – Mridungum
Wynand van der Walt – Drums, Percussion
Ravi Lalloo – Tabla, Manjira

Enjoy it again! Because you can!

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this was a nice one - reminds me of my Monday nights back in Budapest - I used to spend in the company of the Calcutta trio - a Hungarian Classical Indian music group - unfortunately - still no tablas and sitars to listen to in Potchefstroom :-)
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