Monday, August 07, 2006


Teba & Godessa - A Revolution

Its the beginning of a new week, and so I feel like I need some new energy to get me going!

I did a small feature on Teba last week, and so I thought I would profile another of his tracks, Revolution from his 20-5-2-1 Manifesto (VOLT004) CD.

I think we need a mini-revolution to get our minds right every now and then, to be able to focus on where we need to get to during the coming week, so we don't forget all that we stand for, and mostly to make this a better place to be in.

So let's let the Original Social Worker, Mr Shumba, get the beat/week going!

And because we're in Cape Town, to commemorate the August 9, 1956 march on Union Building in Pretoria by 20, 000 fed-up women, I wanted to introduce some of Teba's friends. (Not that they are fed-up - they just have important things to say.)

"There is no other group like us" says Shameema Williams, one third of the female fronted Hip-Hop group Godessa.

Speaking of Godessa'’s uniqueness could be no further from the truth as these women continue to make history and impact as the only recording and performing female Hip-Hop crew in South Africa. Shameema together with Eloise Jones aka EJ von Lyrik and Bernadette Amansure aka Burni formed Godessa in the year 2000.

In their lyrics, the ladies address social issues affecting their community such as crime and HIV/Aids. Shameema, Burni and EJ have separately and together as a group been involved in projects such as youth work in correctional institutions and HIV/Aids workshops using Hip-Hop as a learning tool. Godessa is based on the belief that women represent eternal life through giving birth, carrying knowledge with the balance of being psychological and analytical thinkers.

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