Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Wolfgang Riebe - Master Magician

One of Peak's old friends, the Master Magician Wolfgang Riebe, came to visit us this morning, presenting us with some more videos of his work.

I first met Wolfgang about 10 years ago, and his reputation at that stage was already impressive!
Wolfgang has toured the world extensively, having visited some 117 countries from running aground near the North Pole to walking with the penguins on Antarctica. He watched Krakatoa erupt, has dived the Cayman fault and even been through the Bermuda Triangle... and that's not including all his Magical appearances!

He has lectured at all the top magic societies internationally, from the London Magic Circle to the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and this is where his degree in Communication & Psychology certainly helps.
But its not just magic.

In the corporate market, Wolfgang developed shows around Motivation & Memory Retention, where he offers workshops and seminars where he teaches his audience ways and means of improving their memory by a minimum of 200%.

And we had quite a chuckle just before Wolfgang arrived this morning; Nicole got all excited about meeting him, as she has watched his television shows for a number of years, as he has appeared regularly on Top Billing, Pasella, Kwela, Die Casper Rasper Show amongst others.

So here's a small presentation video giving some more insight - I am looking forward to presenting some more snippets that he is working on with Soli Philander, but more on that later.

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