Thursday, July 27, 2006


Teba - the Origional Social Worker

Tonight I was very pleasantly surprised to see an artist I really admire, and have had the pleasure of working with a number of times - Teba Shumba - appear in SABC 1's Headwrap. Known as Teba and also the "Origional Social Worker", "The Shepard", "Mr Shumba" & "Teba 20-5-2-1 Digitally", he and Chris Chameleon, formerly of BOO, were introduced to each other and put together on stage after two short rehearsals to perform:

From the press release:
HEADWRAP ask Teba and Chris to combine their artistic styles and produce a performance which fuses poetry and music. This performance will be done in front of an audience of Chris’ dedicated fans at the Dorpstraat Theatre in Stellenbosch. Can rasta and rock god rhyme together?

Watching how easily Teba and Chris got on together, and eventually gelled on stage confirmed what a down-to-earth, warm, passionate and talented artist he is!

From Guguletu, a township just outside Cape Town, Teba has been on the music scene for a while having won a SAMA when he first started out with the Kwaito group Skeem.

We really got to know him during the filming of our mini-movie, A tale of South African Music, for the
DVD Freedom to Celebrate (DVDC 001/2) we created, and we used his track "fck", courtesy of African Dope Records, because it has such an energy and beat, and reafirms what talent we have coming from South Africa.

This little insert features Teba, and Fletcher & Roach from A.D.R. - feel the beat!

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