Friday, October 20, 2006


iaminawe - show reel 2006

I have mentioned the iaminawe crew a few times this last week – Gregg and I have had some contact, as he is going to be assisting me with upgrading my websites at the beginning of November. (Whoohooo - excitement!) Angella is visiting her family in Canada, and I am sure will be visiting the UK too, so poor Gregg is pretty snowed under at the moment.

I love hearing that small companies are too busy for words.

The funky thing about Gregg, is that he is not only a pretty pro animator – having produced works for artists such as David Kramer and Goldfish, and the Corne & Twakkie comedy duo, but he is a very good VJ – that’s a Visual DJ for those who thought it sounded abit strange: an artist who accompanies a regular DJ or band, and produces visual images to compliment the music.

Iaminawe's high quality motion graphics and animations can be used for a variety of different mediums for broadcast, live events and also web delivery. And in order for Gregg to be able to create the animations he does, he needs Angella's illustrations and design - and what a pro?! She has developed such a unique style, that no mater how different the product, you can feel Angella's vision making it alive. You can see some of their work here, but know it involves some crazy creativeness!

These were some cliches Angella and Gregg created for our Freedom to Celebrate range of CD's & DVD's (more info coming soon) - and without them The African Music Collective would've been drab!

So whether in design, or as a funky VJ combination, they are pure artistic expression. Incorporating live footage into the visual mix, and abit of style and professionalism iaminawe is all of the above and more.

Check out their show reel for 2006 – and all of us at Peak hope you enjoy your weekend as much as we plan on doing!

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Rocking... thanks Rouvanne for all the awesome linkups and shoutouts...
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