Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Erika Lemay - beautiful Canadian Aerial Hoop

I was first introduced to Erika Lemay as part of the Azale Duo, with another crazily-talented acrobat, Julie Lavergne, and we have kept steady contact over the years.

Both artists continue to develop new shows and new collaborations , and so Peak's database expands internationally, and we get all these cool videos with which to promote them - and now I can share!

These French speaking Canadian ladies are truly something special.

Erika is a multi-disciplined artist, having started with Circus training, she eventually focused her performing on styles such as the intense hand-balancing act of Azale Duo, where such power and graceful control are needed.

She has a solo Aerial Scarf act where not only power, but the ability to dance in the air captures the audiences breath. The act I am featuring now, the Aerial Hoop, is dramatic, and intense, and breathtaking.

A choreographed show-piece of 5-minutes with Erika taking her audience on an emotional roller-coaster. Enjoy these snippets.

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Don't miss Erika Lemay's web site at www.erikalemay.com.
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