Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Blue African Skies - a view from Cape Town

This morning I wanted to focus a little more on another of our artists in Cape Town - with the wind howling down the mountainside, the sea a mass of galloping waves and all the pollution being driven away from the city, its Blue African Skies that came to mind!

Blue African Skies is made up of Ragga emcee Khanyiso Boto AKA Bagga, vocalist Linda Mail AKA Miss Mali and the man behind it all emcee and producer Simon Sibanda AKA Ghetto Child of Slam Productions.

Formed in 2003 B.A.S. have pioneered a unique style of fusion between traditional Pan African sounds and cutting edge urban Pop culture.

These guys get really big in front of big audiences, adding a 4-piece Pan-African band to really funk it up, and so creating another truly cross-over style that'll appeal to young and old, urban and rural, black and white.

It think their first album, Hlabelela, released on 19 August 2005 is a very cool mix of sounds and styles. Its got a some wholesome traditional South African mining chants, with some Hip Hop, Kwaito and House supplying the beat, and Reggae and Gospel to provide the grooves.

So here is their music video of African Market - enjoy!


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