Tuesday, December 05, 2006


CODA comes alive!

Today I was very pleased to see ‘Erik the Driver‘, arrive as he was delivering a very special package to us – the first official footage on DVD of CODA!

We had been promised a copy of their Top Billing & Noted footage, both programs from SABC 3, who had done features on the group in the last month. Top Billing, because CODA was nominated for Momentum’s Lifestyle Award, and Noted, to promote the launch of their new album Believe…

And believe you me – At Last I Say!

As I have mentioned so many times before, we’re so proud of this quartet, having had a hand in their coming together. But before the album was released at the end of last month, our many clients had to rely on our word as to how hot & sexy they really are! Sending half finished demo’s and a couple of studio shots just isn’t the same as being able to hear and see what it is that we are raving about.

In fact, if you get out and buy the December issue of Reader’s Digest, you’ll be able to read an article about how video and sites like YouTube are making my life so much easier – by being able to refer clients to see for themselves, and sending them links to video’s that we have posted online. I am pretty chuffed, as I was contacted by Jane-Anne Hobbs, the author of the piece, and she does feature much of what I said in the article (see page 24 & 25 for some inspiring quotes!).

The point is that video makes music come alive. If you can see it, it is far easier to be able to place it; far easier to be able to see the particular artists at your own event; and much easier for me to say, ‘Hey, if you liked the sound, just wait till you watch the video, because after that you will want them live!’

So I have taken some of the Noted footage, and put a little piece together to entertain you, to make you fall in love with the music, and to show you just how sexy the music scene is in Cape Town!

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