Thursday, July 20, 2006


CODA & Conrad Koch - in one night!

Planet Bar & Vodacom Funny Festival
Last night the whole Peak office had a great night out on the town! Ventriloquist Conrad Koch had given us tickets to see him performing as part of the Vodacom Funny Festival at the Baxter, and as it was a wonderful Wednesday, it also meant that CODA was performing at the Planet Bar at the Mount Nelson Hotel!

We arrived early to a buzzing bar, and all the girls were given a complimentary cocktail as it is Ladies Night. Carol, Rayelle and Yolanda looked as gorgeous as ever, while Nick is definitely one of the smoothest and funkiest artists in Cape Town. That’s the thing about CODA – they always look good. Whether in elegant evening wear, or the exciting and funky South African styles, complimented by Yolanda’s own jewelry – she’s not just a pretty face!

Their set was really great to see – they have developed into such a slick outfit; the music gelling so well, and all four of them smiling and laughing throughout, you could feel the fun they were having – and that just makes an audience smile with enjoyment.

We had to rush off early to get to the Baxter Theatre by 20h00, but we will be going back to the Nellie next week to enjoy some more. And I’ll have some video online soon, as Carol said a show next week would be filmed, as well as me getting a copy of their Top Billing show in two weeks time!

Peak has quite a long history with the Cape Town comedy festival under its various sponsorship names, and so we know it’s always a fun night out. And we did laugh!

Conrad was first up with Chester, obviously the star of the partnership, and not just the ‘BEE’ partner as he is introduced as. But Chester was on a mission last night, climbing into everyone, leaving no stone unturned, and I must admit, even making Conrad blush a few times with his direct way of thinking.

We have known Conrad from the days when he was a uni-cycling, juggling, magician, and hearing his applause last night I realized that Chester definitely scored when he came across that rough diamond somewhere in the Cape Flats – as opening act, they were my highlight!

But don’t get me wrong – MC Cokey Falkow was hilarious throughout the show! Conrad was followed by Australian Jackie Loeb who got up there with a combination of singing impressions and shock-comedy brought the roof daown. Men in Coats, a duo from the UKwas some of the funniest physical comedy I have seen in ages! Unfortunately Mark Lottering was booked off ill last night, but he was well replaced with Dave Fulton from the USA was topical and funny, but nothing exciting or new. And the show ended with Dr. Riaad Moosa, who gave us a great ending with his intelligent humour.

So now you know – even the Peakers love our own artists!

Here is a great sample from Conrad’s promo CD…

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