Monday, July 03, 2006


CODA - oh so hot!!

Last year we were assisting with the lovely former Miss South Africa Cindy Nel arrange the entertainment for Jacques Kallis' (that's her man in case you weren'’t aware) Benefit Functions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They wanted something different to make their events a success.

So we contacted Carol Thorns - she was the lead of Electro-Muse, and we were sure they would fit the bill exactly! Only problem was, she told us, she had just split from the group, and was on the N1 back to Cape Town.

Peak: Can you do it? Can you put a group together for us?

Carol: I'’m sure I can. I've got Rayelle on Electric Violin - yes -– lets do it.

And so the basis for CODA was set down. We suggested she meet with the funkiest DJ's on our database, DJ Nick Matthews from Iridium Project, and then we introduced her to Yolanda Yawa (ex Tucan Tucan), a beautiful Jazz vocalist, and now they are flying high!

Having done a number of high profile gigs in SA and abroad, CODA is currently recording their first album (I was promised that I would be the first person to receive their first recorded track which I expect any day now - excitement) and we have just heard from Carol that:

CODA has been chosen as one of the top five nominees nationwide in the musician's category of the Top Billing / Momentum lifestyle awards. We will be featured in the August issue of Top Billing magazine and be interviewed for Top Billing TV (date to follow)!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to the Top Billing team for this fantastic opportunity ...

We don't make the music. We don't own the groups, but when you see something that you helped create take-off on such a successful ride, you can only feel immense pride!

We'’ll bring you the CODA tracks as we get them. Which makes us the first, and you the second!

(Coda (Say ko-da) noun
section of a movement added at the end to clinch matters or where all significant themes come together.)

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We first saw Electro-Muse play at Rhodes House for a fashion show about two years ago - and now Coda a while back at the Mount Nelson Hotel. good to hear that they are doing so well. Great blog - very interesting and a good place to keep up to date with our south african artists!
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